Sit Under the Banyan Tree & Discover Yourself

Visualize this: you are sitting in the cool shade of a Banyan Tree on a warm day.  After a hard day’s work, you are looking forward to joining a group of friends who tell each other stories, sometimes sing together, and sometimes burst out into a chant or dance in joy. Some of your friends are having a quiet chat, others are talking with one they see as a mentor or guide. This is your safe space, because here you know you can tell your story and you will be heard.  And, when you tell your story, you find you’ve discovered a little more about yourself and feel good.

Now consider this: in today’s hectic, anxiety-filled and stressful world, getting together with a group of friends where you feel safe and when you need it is not easy.     And that is what we offer at 21Banyantree Life Coaching.  We are your personal digital Banyan Tree. In the shade of this tree, your 21Banyantree life coach is waiting to hear your stories, chant, and dance with you, and mentor you in your discovery of self and healing.

21 Banyantree is your safe space where your story will be heard when you need it

Give voice to your layered stories

  • What story is your body telling you?  What story do you have about your biological layer? Each one has much in common and much that is different.
  • What stories do you want to share about the culture you were born and raised in? By sharing them we learn to change and adapt them to manage the roller coaster of life.
  • What are your personal experiences and relationships that make you unique?  Who accompanies you in your journey? To tell these stories validates our being different.

Visualize your future stories

AT 21Banyantree, we work with you to visualize, develop and articulate your future stories, the ones that will sustain you and your personal and business relationships, keep you healthy and evolving as you grow and mature.

Our tailored coaching practice will help you become aware of the stories you hold in your body, where you have gaps and contradictions in your narrative, and the expectation and assumptions.

The 21Banyantree process uses different modalities of reading / listening, contemplating, breath-work, chanting, visualization, meditation and contemplation to uncover and name your desires and fears, to help you re-frame your stories for your future.

Come, sit under the Banyan Tree. Discover who you are today. Reframe your future stories and equip yourself to enjoy the roller coaster of life and share love and joy with the people who are accompanying you on your journey.

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