2018 Forecasts with Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology

Forecasts for birth chart Ascendant signs using Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology (as developed by Professor V.K. Choudhry www.yournetastrologer.com ) framework (not same as Sun signs of western astrology or moon signs (rashi)). If you would like a free Vedic astrology birth chart email me with your birth details (date, time and location).

High Level Snapshot for 2018

Likely to be a Positive year for most Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Likely to be Average Year for most Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Likely to be Challenging Year for most Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

General Directional Indications in 2018 for Each Ascendant Sign

Aries are likely to have good fortune in the area of partnerships and relationships up to mid-October 2018. Gains from investment and other sources of unearned income and support / encouragement from mentors and advisors is also likely.

Taurus may find themselves in disputes, challenges in work areas and indifferent health at times up to mid-October 2018. Their career and general status may go through disruptive transformations during the year.

Gemini are likely to have a creative and fun time with children and partners until mid-October 2018. Breaks of good fortune may be seen this year, after a few years of challenging times.

Cancer may have some challenges in the area of home and assets and with maternal figures this year. They may also see more than usual obstructions and challenges in work area and health matters.

Leo may see an upswing in outcomes from new initiatives and communications / publishing until mid-October 2018. They may also have creative and fun time with children and partners throughout this year.

Virgo may see an upswing in general sense of well-being this year, while at the same time experiencing some challenges in home and asset related matters and relationship with maternal figures.

Libra is likely to have a generally positive year with new initiatives, communication and publishing efforts, especially when connected with creative projects, children and partners.

Scorpio may have a mixed year in 2018. The state of home and assets and maternal figures may give a general sense of well-being. But expect disputes and health matters to raise challenges up to mid-October 2018.

Sagittarius may see improved gains from unearned income, as well as support / encouragement from friends up to mid-October 2018. New initiatives and communications / publishing projects may see higher chances of success now.

Capricorn may not have luck on their side this year. There may be some loss in sense of general well-being, from time to time during the year.

Aquarius may experience good fortune across many areas of life this year. They may get higher than average income and gains from investments and receive support and encouragement from mentors and advisors.

Pisces may experience disputes and losses due to health matters in their career and social status up to mid-October 2018. Their best bet this year may be in projects that take them away from their home base.

Two Major Astro-Storms are likely to make their presence felt this year

The first one may likely alight among us between mid-January to mid-March 2018.

The second major astro-disruption of the year may be experienced by many of us in July and August 2018.

I will post (in the blog on this website) about my sense of what is driving these storms, who it may impact and in what manner, closer to their expected occurrence.