Celestial Energies For the Month from 21B

Celestial energies flow through you and bring you highs and lows in many areas of your life, just as the Moon’s energy brings daily high and low tides to sea shores.

Major celestial energies for MAY 2017 reflected in forecasts below: 1. Mars in Taurus 2. Full Moon in Libra and New Moon in Taurus. 3. Sun in Aries and Taurus. 4. Mercury Aries. 5. Venus in Pisces. 6. Jupiter in Virgo. 7. Saturn in Sagittarius.

If you do not know your ascendant per Jyotish (Indian Astrology), please send your birth details (date, time, location) along with specific questions you may have to 21banyantree@gmail.com .

A free birth chart will be emailed to you along with an initial assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, as a pdf attachment, in a few days.

The forecasts below are very general. They do not include impact of the movements of the powerful Rahu-Ketu nodal axis, which need to be assessed on a personal chart basis. It is more beneficial for you to have a personalized assessment of your Karmic strengths and areas of improvement, followed by a one on one skype or phone reading.

Aries:  Your energies will be best utilized by focusing on family well-being in May. Mind may be absorbed in self-care up to mid-May, then in overseas contacts and with personal and business partners. Desire to enhance family well-being will also be high in the second half.              Physical and mental health may be disturbed. Personal and business partners likely to be physically and psychologically distant and cause expenses this month. Focus on working hard and maintaining health to get those lucky breaks, which may not come as easily up to mid-September 2017. However, in matters of investment and unearned income, expect relief and luck, until June 2017.

Taurus: Most of May you may become more energetic with taking care of yourself. Mind may feel disconnected from day to day affairs up to May 10th and may end up in disputes and distractions thereafter. The sense of low energy in the first half likely to give way to desire to devote time and effort to self-care. Distance from children may be likely this month. Difficulties and disputes likely in general and specifically with senior advisors and investment income. Matters relating to children likely to be impacted negatively. Creativity may take a back seat. A 21B birth chart reading can tell you exactly the time period between now and mid-September 2017 will be critical for you. Expect rise of obstacles in career and social status matters until end June 2017.

Gemini: Most of May likely to end up being more expensive than expected. Mind will be looking for advice up from senior colleagues up to May 10th and then may be more in tune with distant lands. You will show determination in achieving success up to May 10th. Thereafter you may go with the flow for rest of May. Expect some successes in home and asset matters this month. Creative, nurturing, affectionate energies will make for happiness, after a long time.     Positive trends likely for new home, job, career and marriage prospects to mid-September 2017. 21B reading can recommend specific daily mantra chants to focus your attention and channel Jupiter energies through you. Expect improvement, after 2.5 years, in health matters and conflicts / disputes until end June 2017.

Cancer: You may enjoy success for your past hard work, for most of May. Your mind may be focused on career matters up to May 10th. Listening to senior advisors in the following weeks may help. First half of May likely to be positive for career and family well-being. Second half may see successes based on your past hard work.               New initiatives and communications may play a key role in career this month. Luck may shine in home and assets related areas, resulting in sense of well-being.  Take care of your health, relationships with younger siblings. Hard work required to get lucky breaks in new initiatives and projects. 21B reading can identify specific periods when to be extra careful from now to mid-September 2017. Expect, until June 2017, rise in health and work related difficulties, which may lead to disturbed sleep and potential for driving related accidents. Be patient, slow down, take care.

Leo: Expect good fortune to shine in your career area for most of May, though younger colleagues may continue to throw up obstacles in the way. You will feel fortunate up to May 10th and then mind will focus on career matters. First half may give you good fortune. Second half may see shift in energy to career and social status.      There may be potential to tap into good fortune for family well-being this month. There is potential for obstruction by younger colleagues, siblings. Be careful in your communication. Patience at all times will help. Period up to September 2017 positive for upskilling professionally. You will be recognized for your work and investments. 21B reading will help identify daily chants and meditations to focus these positive energies in you. After 2.5 years of focus on home and asset matters, your partner(s) will shift focus to creative, nurturing, self-growth, investments and general well-being – until June 2017.

Virgo: Gains from your partner will produce good luck for most of May. Mind will feel a mix of obstructions and opportunities to gain from partners, up to May 10th. There may be a sense that luck is not playing your way this month, though you may get breaks from distant sources. There may be obstructions in your way that your personal and business partners may be able to help overcome. There is likely to be a general sense of well-being due to connection with personal and business partners. The anxieties from last 12 months will subside and your home matters will be relaxed. Your parents will be positive towards you and you will have mental peace. 21B reading will help you identify ways of harnessing these positive energies between now and mid-September 2017. Expect conflict re. mother, home, asset matters, career, social status to rise until June 2017. Self-confidence may be negatively impacted.

Libra: Your focus, especially since March, on your personal and business relationships may throw up gains or they may show up as obstacles in May. Focus your mind on working with personal and business partners up to May 10th, and thereafter on self-care. First half may see gains and success from partners, although some may face obstructions. Second half likely to see success in business and personal relationships. There may be distance from your personal and business partners this month. You may find yourself being unwell and in disputes in a number of areas. Patience will be best response. The period to September 2017 can be very positive or negative for you, depending on what role Jupiter plays in your birth chart. A 21B reading can help you manage and lever Jupiter energies for your benefit. Expect focus, until June 2017, to be on creative, nurturing communication, which may lead to overall success especially in investments at a distance.

Scorpio: Expect distance from your personal and business partners for most of May. Resolve disputes and take care of health up to May 10th. Re-focus on personal and business partnership matters thereafter. Difficulties in career and social status matters in the first half likely to subside in the second half. There may be some disturbances and disputes with your senior mentors and investment decisions this month. There may be losses and distance from children and affectionate and nurturing energies. Take care. Period to mid-September 2017 has potential for success in profession and investments, leading to heightened sense of family well-being. 21B reading can help you identify how best to channel this positive energy. Expect, until June 2017, to mobilize mother, home matters and assets to help family well-being, investment income and gains from partners.

Sagittarius: Expect to work hard and overcome obstacles and get to your goals most of May. Focus on creative, nurturing and romantic areas up to May 10th and on investment matters and advice from senior advisors thereafter. There may be good fortune in creative, nurturing and romantic areas in the first half. The second half likely to see difficulties. Connect career to your creative and nurturing areas. Home and asset related matters may increase in value and provide a sense of well-being. Expect positive energies to help you professionally and new opportunities to open up between now and mid-September 2017. After 2.5 years of expense being more than income, explore ways to lever new initiatives to increase income and lower expenses. Being courageous and supporting your partner may lead to career growth and improvement in social status.

Capricorn: Energy is best focused on creative and nurturing areas in May. Mind will be focused on home matters up to May 10th and thereafter on career matters. Expect some obstructions in home and asset matters in the first half, and then in nurturing, creative and romantic areas in the second half. Luck may shine in home and assets area this month. For positive results during this period, connect career matters to collaborating and communicating with younger colleagues. Generally contributes to a period of mental peace between now and mid-September. But there are chances of health and accident events for the individual and immediate family. A 21B birth chart reading will identify vulnerable period and suggest ways of focusing attention. After 2.5 years of easy successes, expect general family well-being and health to be negatively impacted, especially up to June 2017. Luck may still be on your side, if you keep a low profile and are patient. Slow down and be careful.

Aquarius: Home and asset matters likely to draw your energies in May. Mind will be focused on new initiatives and communications up to May 10th. There may be a sense of good fortune thereafter. Personal and business partners may help in home and asset matters in the first half, and then in nurturing, creative and romantic areas in the second half. Expect some obstructions in new initiatives, communications and interactions with younger colleagues this month. Expect lucky breaks with general family well-being. Investment income and support from older friends / advisors may not be available between now and mid-September 2017. 21B reading will help to ensure ways to manage the potentially challenging period for certain areas of your life. Your focus will shift from focus on your career to cultivating senior advisors, investment income, caring for children and ensuring gains from partnerships.

Pisces: Communications, new initiatives and managing younger colleagues may take up your energies most of May. Mind will be focused on family well-being up to May 10th, and thereafter on overcoming obstructions and ensuring gains from partners. Expect some difficulties in communications and new initiatives in first half. Second half may see some challenges in home and asset matters.      Personal and business partners may play positive role in family well-being. Expect mental obstructions, which may be overcome through focused contemplative attention. Expect upswing in career and social status, especially in distant locations, in the period between now and mid-September 2017. A 21B reading will help. While luck may smile with you now, career and social status may see a dip until June 2017.