The 21B Coaching Process

Life Coaching by Jayant Kalawar
35 years of high-level corporate experience and, in parallel, experience in conducting Bhagavad Gita study groups in the Princeton, NJ area.
Coaching You to be a champion at Career, Family, Finance and Spiritual Endeavors.
Re-Designing Life Paths with Vedanta concepts and Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology (Work in Progress. You will find parts of the book on the blog posts associated with this site).

The 21B coaching process for balanced success in material and spiritual endeavors has been designed and practiced by Jayant Kalawar since 2011, based on 35 years of high-level US corporate experience and, in parallel, conducting Bhagavad Gita study groups in the Princeton, NJ area.

The coaching process integrates modalities from 21st century management science and technology with tried and tested methods from Indian traditions, with this 5 step process:

Step 1:  Includes an initial diagnostic interview to assess where you are situated in the current social and economic playground and your goals.

Step 2: Set-up of your astrological chart, using Vedic [Indian] astrology, based on your birth time and place details.

Step 3:  Provides an initial assessment of your strengths and weaknesses with behaviors and attitudes that help or impede success in your career, family/relationships, finances and health, in the context of the opportunities and challenges of current economic and social environment.

Step 4:  Jointly develop a customized plan that focuses on specific short and longer term life objectives that you believe will benefit from one-on-one coaching by Jayant Kalawar.

Step 5: Annual check-up and diagnostics with a feedback report (need to be scheduled in advance).