Services and Costs

All coaching sessions are paused currently (and into the foreseeable future).

Jayant Kalawar provides short term and longer term coaching and strategizing services are provided on a mutually selective basis.

Discovery-Diagnostic-Remedies Healing and Coaching Services is provided in 3 one-on-one online sessions in a 3 week time frame

What you will get out of the 3 sessions: A sense of what your key strengths and weaknesses may be that are triggering the challenges you see in your life. Gain an understanding of how to heal yourself. What ups and downs to expect in the next 5 years. How to be physically and emotionally strong through continual healing practices, to ride the waves. What you can do ensure you use your strengths more fully and how to strengthen your weak areas.

What would you need to provide: Birth details (date, time, location) for Jyotish chart (which I will share with you) – more accurate the better. Write at least two paragraphs on what makes you seek this service and what your expectations are. Email your note to me at:

How much will it cost: Write to me with the above details and I will get back to you with the costs of the 3 sessions. I try to make it affordable for those genuinely looking for guidance and coaching.


Longer Term Healing, Coaching and Strategizing Service

All coaching sessions are paused currently (and into the foreseeable future).

To explore how you may benefit with my tailored healing, coaching and strategizing process (for individuals and for groups), write an email briefly describing what, in your life experience, draws you to coaching under the 21BanyanTree, at this time in your life. 

I endeavor to respond within a day or two. If there is a clear mutual fit in your interests and my approach, I will send you details of my long  term process, fees and terms and conditions (I recommend using the short term  3 week service described above, before deciding on this longer term process). I may also come back with questions and suggestions, if the mutual fit is not clear.