Personal Branding In the Age of Pokemon Go

Here is your choice:

Be Same. Do you just want to be one of the crowd of Pokemon Go playing faces?

Pokemon Go Crowd at Santa Monica Pier July 2016



Be Different. Do you want to push your perspective, stand out from the crowd, be different?

Be Different by Anuva Kalawar

Be Different by Anuva Kalawar


If you are the Be Same type , then go do your thing – good luck! You do not need personal branding!

If you want to Be Different, then personal branding can give you a tremendous boost. It makes you very effective in standing out from the crowd, without having to talk about yourself and explain yourself all the time!

Do you know what your strengths are? Do you know what you are striving for in the next 3 months? Year? 3 years? Get a coach to help you get there. Building a personal brand is a tool to get you there.

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Personal Branding is a Process, Not a Goal

Personal branding is required for those who are striving for success in business and in social settings. It is a cost effective tool for persuading all the people in your business and social worlds that you relate to and transact with. Personal branding says that someone is valuable. It says what they represent is valuable. People with personal branding do not have to keep repeating how great it is what they do and so on. Their personal brand says it all. That makes personal branding highly cost effective to build your business, career and social circles.

What is Personal Branding

Elon Musk is a personal brand, associated mostly with Tesla and SpaceX. Peter Thiel is a personal brand in venture capital, associated with PayPal and now with the conflict and downfall of Gawker. Kayne West is a personal brand in Entertainment.

Donald Trump is a personal brand associated with deals in real estate and reality TV. He has very cost effectively used personal branding to relate to and persuade voters in the 2016 US Presidential elections (at the time of this writing he is a presumptive Republican nominee).

If you are working with a largish firm you may have heard about the need to brand yourself. You may also know personal brand labeled as a ‘go-to person’: not exactly an expert, but someone who can be relied upon to get certain complex things done effectively. Or they may be called stars: they are successful at sales, achieving budget targets, leading mergers to successful implementation, opening a new store from soup to nuts and so on.

These are just some of the many examples of personal branding process that many of you are already familiar with.

So What Makes Personal Branding a Process, Not a Goal?

A goal is something that once you reach it, you are done. Personal branding is never done. It is something that has to be nurtured all the time. It has to keep growing and changing. It has to be defended.

The more successful a personal branding, the more imitators will be nipping at ankles. You know about that process already: brand rip-offs of successful designer apparel, for example.

So personal branding is something people have to keep working on. Especially those who want to be successful in their companies and businesses.  They have to find ways to keep differentiating themselves. That is an ongoing process.

So how do you keep differentiating your personal brand?

One way may be to finding yourself a personal coach who has been there done that and uses non-mainstream tools to give you the differentiating advantage.

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