Personal Branding In the Age of Pokemon Go

Here is your choice:

Be Same. Do you just want to be one of the crowd of Pokemon Go playing faces?

Pokemon Go Crowd at Santa Monica Pier July 2016



Be Different. Do you want to push your perspective, stand out from the crowd, be different?

Be Different by Anuva Kalawar

Be Different by Anuva Kalawar


If you are the Be Same type , then go do your thing – good luck! You do not need personal branding!

If you want to Be Different, then personal branding can give you a tremendous boost. It makes you very effective in standing out from the crowd, without having to talk about yourself and explain yourself all the time!

Do you know what your strengths are? Do you know what you are striving for in the next 3 months? Year? 3 years? Get a coach to help you get there. Building a personal brand is a tool to get you there.

At 21B Coaching we make you stronger and more independent. And growing your personal brand is one tool to get there. Start with a 21B Diagnostic. Contact Jay Kalawar at .